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DC Shorts Screenplay Competition

Hey guys, I’m here doing my internly duty and spreading the word about a fabulous screenwriting competition! Even though it flies under the radar, the DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition is in its fifth year. What’s so fabulous about this competition is the multi-layered prize the winner gets! Feedback, money, and your script filmed! Check out more under the cut for more info or visit!
Enter the DC Shorts Screenplay Competition with your scripts under 15 pages. Finalists will be performed in front of a live audience to compete for a $2,000 cash award and a guaranteed slot in DC Shorts 2009!

DC Shorts is proud to present a different kind of screenwriting competition. A panel of judges consisting of filmmakers, screenwriters and critics will review and provide condensed coverage (feedback) for scripts of 15 pages or less. A set of finalists (5–7) will be selected to be featured during the festival weekend, which the screenwriters are invited to attend, and cast a live reading of the script from a bank of actors and directors. The live readings will be performed in front of an audience, who will vote on their favorite. These votes, along with the scores of the judges, will determine a competition winner.

One script will receive $1,000 up front, plus a $1,000 upon completion of the final film. The final film is guaranteed entry into DC Shorts 2009.

MovieMaker Magazine calls DC Shorts “one of the nation’s leading short film festivals.” Filmmakers enjoy fabulous parties, city tours, and are provided with housing, meals and transportation. But most importantly, they enjoy the opportunity to meet and learn from other filmmakers — an experience that comes from the premier showcase dedicated to short films and the people who make them.

The Technical Stuff:

Scripts submitted as PDFs or Final Draft files are stripped of their cover pages, and sent with 10-12 others to a local screenwriter or film director. Each script is read in its entirety. Scripts are scored by each judge for strength of plot, originality, writing proficiency, ability to be produced on a budget of less than $10K, ability to be successfully read, performed and understood by a live audience, and other values. In addition, judges are encouraged to leave a substantial comment (but not complete script coverage.) The top 3 scripts from each judge is then reviewed by an additional judge and the festival director, who make programming notes (but not additional scores.) At the end of the second round, a final lineup is chosen based on scores and comments. We will try to include at least one script from a local writer.

Shipping Deadline

All materials must be received no later than May 10, 2008. Mail films and materials to:

DC Shorts Film Festival
1317 F Street, NW, Suite 920
Washington, DC 20004

Notification Date: June 30, 2008.

Deadlines and Fees
(all fees are discounted $5 for WAB preferred accounts)

April 15, 2008
Regular Deadline
Standard Fee: 35.00
Student Fee: 30.00

May 1, 2008
Late Deadline
Standard Fee: 40.00
Student Fee: 35.00


DC Shorts offers a fee waiver program. Filmmakers and screenwriters must complete the Fee Waiver Application and fax back by the deadline. Selected films and scripts will receive an email notice with a time-sensitive code to complete their online submission application.
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