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2008 Kick-Off Party! (copied from the SF site)

That's right, folks -- it's just about time to get your script-writing engines revving, and there's no better way than a kick-ass Kick-Off Party! We'll be at Butler's Pantry in the Annex, long a friend of NaNo and S.F. events, for some of their great food, our own good conversation, and maybe a few prizes and scene-starters to get your mind working for April 1st!

***Please DO RSVP, if you could, either on the Facebook event (to be added tonight) or here on-site, so we can give them an accurate count at the restaurant. ***

Here's the details:

Butler's Pantry
591 Markham Street

Google Map Here

Monday, March 31st, starting at 6:30 pm

If you have any questions, drop me a line or call my cell (416-737-1267). Hope to see you there!
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